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Together We Are Better – and This is Why…Sometimes life is really crappy! (For sake of integrity, I used the word crappy.) As humans, we take hits from many sources throughout our lives and sometimes we just want to plain give up! Grief and trauma can easily do that. I have been there. I have also made it out of there. I know how to sit with you in sadness, offer you a hand to hold, throw you a lifeline in the deep end and hand you a kleenex for crying. I began to find ways to start healing my shattered soul. I found joy and you can, too.

Mindy Corporon, Healing a Shattered Soul
Mindy Corporon, writer, author
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Mindy Corporon

This is the space where I am supposed to tell you who I am.

If we were in a real conversation I would tell you I have two boys…one is in heaven and one is 19. I have been married to Len since April 7, 2001 and he makes me laugh harder now, than ever before. I am a thought leader, an entrepreneur junkie and love Christian music!

You will find me watching football (college or professional) on any given weekend they are playing. If I could ride a horse every day, I would. Like you, I have had challenges, anguish and despair in my life. One step at a time, I learned to find joy and seek it daily. My dad is my hero. He saved my skin a few times growing up and he saved my life in April 2014, by losing his.

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Mindy Corporon

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